Community Packages

An X means packages are (or will be) provided in the respective repository.
A means no plans to build new updates. Existing packages will remain in the repos.

4.1 ltm¹ 4.0 stm¹ 3.13 stm² 3.12 ltm 3.10 ltm
CentOS Storage el6 X X
SIG[1] el7 X X X X X
Fedora[2] F25 X X
F26 X X X
F27 X X X X
F28(rawhide) X X X X
Ubuntu Trusty/14.04 X
Launchpad[3] Xenial/16.04 X X X X X
Zesty/17.04 X X X
Artful/17.10 X X X X X
Debian[2] Jessie/8 X X X
Stretch/9 X X X X X
Buster(Sid)/10 X X X X X
OpenSuSE Build Leap 42.3 X X X X X
Service[4] SLES12SP3 X X X X X


¹ Tentative date 2018
² Tentative date December 2017
³ Fedora Updates or UpdatesTesting repository. Use dnf to install.