Community Packages

An X means packages are planned to be in the respective repository. A means we have no plans to build the version for the repository. d.g.o means packages will (also) be provided on download section DNF/YUM means the packages are included in the Fedora Updates or Updates-testing repos.

3.10 ltm 3.9 stm⁴ 3.8 ltm 3.7 eol⁴
CentOS Storage SIG¹ el5 d.g.o
el6 X X X X, d.g.o
el7 X X X X, d.g.o
Fedora F24 d.g.o d.g.o DNF/YUM d.g.o
F25 d.g.o DNF/YUM d.g.o d.g.o
F26 DNF/YUM DNF/YUM d.g.o d.g.o
Ubuntu² Trusty/14.04 X X
Xenial/16.04 X X X X
Yakkety/16.10 X X X
Zesty/17.04 X X X
Debian Wheezy/7 d.g.o
Jessie/8 d.g.o d.g.o d.g.o d.g.o
Stretch/9 d.g.o d.g.o d.g.o d.g.o
OpenSuSE Build System³ OpenSuSE13 X X X
Leap 42.X X X X X

¹ ² ³ ⁴ support ends at 3.10 GA